How to practice the "aggressive" way* of Field Stabilization?

You find the answer in the 2nd improved and enlarged edition of

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Prehospital Emergency Medicine

Challenges and Options in Emergency Services

* Almost all of the vital therapy of serious emergencies can be performed on the spot. When carried out before transportation (without delaying admission considerably), this increases the likelihood of survival and reduces the risk of complications.

In this new book, emphasis is placed on the more complex procedures that the physician may perform, and the various challenges to be met. Also the Emergency Room staff can learn from these strategies.

Difficult rescue of delta-flyer after interruption of the electricity supply to a nearby village.

Prevention is better than cure

See also Prehospital Trauma Care (Søreide E & Grande CM, eds.)

Excerpts from the 1st edition reviews:

...This is a well-written, important book ... It is also one of the few books to describe in detail clinical lessons from prehospital practice. Furthermore, there are many good clinical lessons in this book that can be applied to our current anesthesia practice in the US ... John K. Stene, Anesth Analg 1992;75:1078-79.

... In total, the book provides an abundance of important and valuable considerations of the experienced emergency physician ... It represents almost ideal reading for the colleagues who aim at testing and enlarging their own areas of experience ... L. Lampl, Notarzt 1993;9:82.

... The content is an overall reflection of what presents itself in the acute prehospital care ... The contents are based on sufficient literature references. It is worth acquiring by all who are involved in prehospital emergency care ... F.L.P.A. Rutten, Traumatology Review 1992;2:105

... This book is for afficionados; it is essential reading for far-sighted EMS providers who are also able to learn from the experiences (and mistakes) of others. ... [The author's] anesthetic and European background flavour the presentation in a way that challenges American emergency medicine to strive for a higher standard. Thomas E. Knuth, ITACCS Newsletter 1993;4:36-8.

harwood academic publishers 448 pp, ISBN 90-5702-003-3, Price US-$ 75/£ 49/€ 63. Order through your bookshop or receive further information from or through
Scanned version available at Google Books

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